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Hyuksoo Kim ​from Playstore  (Dec 31, 2020) 

This app really shows that the creator put a lot of effort into it. It contains all the components that are required to learn English and even small parts are perfect and organized. I strongly recommend it! 

Yewon Choi from an email conversation (Nov 4, 2020)

While I had been learning English through TED Ted talk speeches from celebrities or CNN, I came across Speaky Peaky. And I've been using Speaky Peaky for 1-2 months so far. This learning method is perfect for me. In fact, I never typed what I heard or repeated what the native speaker said, but this app gives me scores after I typed what I heard and how I, myself, pronounced what native speakers spoke. Where would you find such a 1:1 tutor? I am a big fan and I've been recommending Speaky Peaky to my friends, they also love it! Thank you thank you! 

Joseph Yu from Playstore (Sep 7, 2020)  

I highly recommend this app for improving your listening skill and for dictation. Thank you Speaky Peaky :) 

The best of the best!! from Apple app store (Nov 2, 2020)

I've bought a lot of apps to study English, but I'm sure this app is by far the best. 

Kihwan Bang from Playstore (Sep 15, 2020)


The app's program is so engaging and well organized! 

Gyungtae Jin from Playstore (Jul 25, 2020)

This app shows me which part I couldn't understand and where I mispronounced that it helps me speak correctly. 

Yewon Choi from Playstore (Oct 1, 2020)

I can learn English effectively and joyfully wherever and whenever!!! It's also exciting to see how close my pronunciation is to native speakers'! Just try it, and you will love it. 

freesia forever from Playsotre Jul 13, 2020) 

I like that I can follow lessons step by step and it's very systematic. 

Vietnamissuteller from Playstore (Nov 1, 2020) 

It's good if you want to study steadily. Thank you for organizing such good materials in an app like this. I have a goal to use this for 3 months every day! 

Myungjo Park  from Playstore (Nov 10, 2020) 

​Good! It's not boring because I get to learn from various topics. 

Hyojung Choi from Playstore (Dec 3, 2020)

​I am using this app very conveniently, wherever I want - I can relisten to native speakers, repeated what they say, and also listen to my speeches. 

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