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Live Your Best Life

by Speaking English Fluently 


Learn English that can be life-changing skills in just 20 minutes a day with Speaky Peaky 



  • 30 lessons per month

  • dictionary 

  • saving words 

  • instant feedback on listening and pronunciations

Recurring monthly payment.

Cancel anytime.

Note: The above prices are for users in the United States. The prices may be adjusted using exchange rates that Play Store Apple Store provides based on the country you reside in.  

* Our web app (for computers and laptops) is compatible with

Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers. 

Service Guide

  1. Access: 5 free trial lessons will be provided upon your sign up and access to more lessons is granted as soon as the payment is confirmed. 

  2. Devices: You can use Speaky Peaky on an iPhone, Android phone, and/or a computer with one account.  

  3. Auto-renewal: All subscriptions will be automatically renewed. If you would like to cancel the auto-renewal, please open Speaky Peaky, go to User Profile Page > Manage Subscription 

  4. Refund Policy: If you are not happy with Speaky Pkeay, don't worry. Email us at within 7 days of the purchase date. We will then give you a full refund. If you contact us after 7days of the purchase date, a refund will not be made.  

  5. All videos in Speaky Peaky are provided via YouTube API. Copyrights of all the videos belong to the creators of the videos. Even though you purchase Speaky Peaky, YouTube ads may be shown during lessons. 

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