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You can speak English too!

Today, we want to share a story about a Speaky Peaky user who was able to achieve fluency in English through using Speaky Peaky.

Hyejin Park who is a 40-year-old Mother always wanted to travel the world and experience life outside of South Korea but didn’t speak much English.

This is her story of how she transformed her life through English.


#Real #Testimonial

I started studying with Summer and her listening practice app, Speaky Peaky about a year ago. Having aged forwards 40, I wanted to do something for myself, investing in something that I had always dreamed of -- traveling around the world, experiencing the world outside of South Korea, and being confident in myself through speaking English. I found Summer on her YouTube channel and I began to study with her videos and coaching sessions.

A few months later, I learned that she made this listening practice app, which made me so excited because the app had everything I needed. It incorporated all of her coaching techniques for improving listening skills. Before the app, I used to use multiple platforms for what the app offers. With just this one app (because it includes everything I need), it made my study so much easier.

Before studying with the Speaky Peaky methods, I couldn't understand English although I was able to read English. I felt very ashamed. However, one day I made a decision to learn. After 5 only months of studying with Speaky Peaky, I started to understand English clearly.

It felt really amazing.

One day, my son who is a middle schooler, was listening to an English audio file for his school assignment. I couldn't believe that I was able to understand all of it! It was something I would have never understood 1 year ago.

Now, my English listening skills are better than my son’s and most importantly, I feel so proud that I can help him with his English skills. This has given me so much confidence as mom.

While practicing with the app, I learned how native speakers make English sounds, including linking, stress and intonation.

A game-changer was the fact that I learned native speakers don’t make every single sound clear -- they only stress the words that are important in the sentence, the rest could be almost muted. Not only did I learn about those tricks, but also I became accustomed to these native speakers’ sounds and rules.

Nowadays, on my commute to work, I listen to English songs, TV shows and movies using Speaky Peaky and it’s so fun because I know I’m improving.

Of course, learning a second language is a life-long journey but now I can have a conversation in English because I understand what people are saying in English. Although I may speak imperfect sentences in English, I can make conversations and I am so proud of that.

I really wish every user of this app would take advantage of what the app has to offer. If anyone practices with this app for a considerable amount of time, it will truly help them tremendously.


Want to learn how native speakers speak? Without breaking the bank from expensive English classes? Sign Up for a 6 Month Challenge Now on Speaky Peaky.

Stay awesome you'all!

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