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๐Ÿ˜Ž When will I feel confident in speaking English?

Youโ€™d be surprised how far you can get if you study for one year.

By just studying for 30 minutes every single day, you can become conversationally fluent in another language in 12 months.

More specifically, it takes about 60 lessons (2 months) to 150 lessons (5 months) for our Speaky Peaky users to move up another level depending on how effectively you study and what your native language is.

If your native language is either Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese, it's likely to take a longer time to learn English than if you speak Spanish or Portuguese.

Once you study 60 lessons at an advanced level and pass, you will feel comfortable communicating in English.

You could be fluent enough to make an application to study at a University in America or write a resume in English to work abroad!

Progress takes time.

Itโ€™s hard to stick to a practice but once we make a habit of doing something for 30 minutes each day, we inevitably make a lot of measurable progress after 6 months and then a huge level of progress after 12 months.

Always have fun!

Itโ€™s important to learn in a way that suits you. And most importantly, you need to have fun when you learn. If you associate English with dread and anxiety, it will be detrimental when you try to speak it.

You also wonโ€™t be able to learn it as fast. Make sure you enjoy your English learning journey and youโ€™ll find yourself learning a lot more efficiently!

Invest in yourself.

Unlimited access to Speaky Peaky for 12 months is a fun and flexible way to improve your ability to interact with native speakers. With our reminders to help you stay on track, you can continue to make a significant investment into learning English properly without having to be embarrassed or shy about revealing your English levels by practicing with native speakers.

And the investment will definitely pay itself off. The average cost of two English lessons with a private tutor is $100 but for unlimited lessons for one year the cost of Speaky Peaky is under $72. (If you purchase on our website, you will even get 15% off) Thatโ€™s unbeatable value.

Make sure to invest in yourself and commit to a year-long journey here.

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