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Why You Can't Understand English Native Speakers

Have you ever wondered why you can understand an English teacher in class, read a simple book, but not understand the simplest sentences from native speakers?

If that has ever happened to you, don’t worry, it’s normal!

The reasons that it’s so hard to understand native speakers in real life are that:

1) They often don’t articulate clearly, unlike educational content or voice actors' speech that makes sure to pronounce things clearly

2) You often focus on one speaker at a time in a learning environment whereas in real life there are often several speakers and a lot of background noise and context so you can’t fully concentrate

3) You might understand the literal meaning of the words but you might struggle to understand the intended meaning. For example, English speakers say ‘I found him very interesting’. Even though you understand each of those words individually, you might not understand their intended meaning. They could mean ‘I think he is interesting’ or if they were being sarcastic it could actually mean they think he is very boring!

4) You might not be familiar with their accent!

The trick to understanding native speakers is to

1) learn correct English sounds

2) learn the way they are linked in sentences and

3) to simply repeat.

If you can hear how native speakers pronounce and speak often, you’ll become accustomed to it.

Speaky Peaky's lessons are focused on solving these problems mentioned above. If you study enough with Speaky Peaky's video lessons in which multiple speakers speak with different accents, using various idioms and phrases, you won’t have to ask native speakers to repeat themselves 3 times and still not understand what they mean!

Don't miss Speaky Peaky's helpful features!

Mobile and Desktop Versions

Your Speaky Peaky data is synchronized between your mobile app and the desktop version. This way, you can continue studying from home on your desktop to the subway on your mobile! With your ID, all of your data are synchronized between your Speaky Peaky mobile app and our web app.

Make Your Own Dictionary

While you’re using the app, you will see a small dictionary icon on Step 3: Review page, on which, long-press the word you want to learn and voila! Its meanings will pop up! You can even save the words and review them later on the Review page. This is an effective way to continuously revise new expressions and immerse yourself in English!

Stay awesome!

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