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Listen correctly. Speak confidently. 

Having a hard time ordering coffee? 

Don’t feel shy anymore. Get prepared for various situations with Speaky Peaky from daily life to business settings.

Want to watch English movies without subtitles? 

Get used to English sounds and phrases with our video-based lessons. You will watch a movie without subtitles in no time! 

Want to speak English confidently?  


Speaky Peaky provides constant feedback to make sure your English is understandable.

Learn visually with real-life videos

No more boring textbooks! Most of us are visual learners, which means traditional classroom methods don’t work well for us. So we’ve specially created language learning based on real-life video content!


Radically improve listening skills with instant feedback 

Type what you hear and get instant feedback on your listening skills. Improve instantly through self-directed learning without having to wait for a teacher or native speaker to help you. 

Rate your pronunciation on the app, instantly!

Attain correct pronunciation with our pronunciation-rating feature. It grades the way you speak against native speakers and gives you feedback in real-time so you can improve straight away!



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I did not know how to study English to improve my English listening skills. I learned about this app and this is really helpful. I can feel that I’m getting used to English by repeatedly writing, speaking and listening. If you want to speak fluent English, I think this is the best app.

Y. Kim (27)

Her dream is to work and live in Canada

This is the best app. I’m living abroad and studying English using this app.

Minkyu Kim (32)

His dream is to build his career globally

The game-changer was the fact that I learned native speakers don’t make every single sound clear. They only stress the words that are important in the sentence. The rest could be almost muted. Not only did I learn about those tricks, but also I became accustomed to English sounds in 5 months.

Hyejin Park (40)


She became conversationally fluent after 5 months. 

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